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About the book

In today’s modern world, imbibing Indian culture and values to children has become a concern for parents.


A to Z of Indian Culture, Alphabet activity book, is an attempt  to help imbibe Indian culture and values at a tender age. In this book, each alphabet depicts the Indian culture. It is a perfect blend of Indian culture, fun and activities. Knowing about Indian culture makes the parent and child thrive on it.


This book lets little learners get a taste of India’s rich culture.


I have put in a lot of time and efforts in bringing out this special book for your children.

- Nagarjun Karnatakam


Nagarjun Karnatakam,

Founder of Penguin Montessori,

In today’s competitive world, a child is judged by ranks and scores. Instead, we should make all efforts to support the child to bring and develop independence, creativity and understand the child's development.


With this motto, Nagarjun founded Penguin Montessori in the year 2015 under the aegis of"The Cosmic Foundation “, where in children are taught in non traditional education methods.


With similar thoughts, this book “A to Z of Indian Culture Alphabet activity book” is brought out.


Diksha Gopinath,

Founder of Didotoons

She is a full time artist and illustrator, working on creative projects. Her works include illustrations in children’s books, stationery designing, home decor, wedding card illustration and customised art. She puts in her whole heart in every piece of work.


For any enquiries, please contact Nagarjun Karnatakam

Mobile: +91 63000 26699

#10/188, Mandy Bazar, Guntakal,

Andhra Pradesh - 515 801

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