Penguin Montessori
International learning program   for Early Childhood Education & Development

INFANT/TODDLER for children aged birth to three years provide a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for the child promote trust in themselves and their world develop confidence in their emerging abilities develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks


TODDLER PROGRAM: Below 2½ years 
Toddler program provides an environment designed to meet the changing needs of the child from about one and half years to three years old.
We believe a child can thrive only if he feels safe and comfortable with the people in that environment. The sense of security is a matter of trust, a trust that develops as a child experiences their needs being met with appropriate, timely and joyful responses. Feeding, cuddling, diapering and playing allow wonderful opportunities for the children and teachers to interact and to create a loving connection between them.
The classroom environment is especially designed for the children it will serve. The teachers have been chosen because of their experience and natural ability and desire to work with this age group. They are keenly aware of the needs and interests of these young children, and they want nothing more than to assist them in their development. Being mindful that this may be a significant time of separation from Mom and Dad, the staff is especially careful to give the child a sense of belonging and comfort.
Fine and gross motor skills, language skills continue to develop dramatically, and our many varied activities address those needs.
The children learn to participate in the life of the class, helping to take care of the environment and to be an active member of the class. They also begin to gain independence in caring for their own needs. By participating in these real life activities, the children experience that they are valued members of the group, and this feeling contributes to a positive self-image.

MONT. 1  |  MONT. 2  |  MONT.3  Mont. 1: (2½ to  5½)
Our program provides another carefully prepared environment equipped with the full range of Montessori materials.
Teaching at this stage becomes progressively more project based with children working in small groups or individually with the teachers.  Children work according to their individual interests, needs and abilities, while also interacting with their friends in ways that help them develop social skills such as respect and courtesy.
Much care is taken to provide the children with achievable challenges throughout their time at the school so that their self-esteem is nurtured. They are then confident and eager to investigate further, enabling them to become truly independent learners. This allows them to develop more concentration and thoroughness as they begin to explore culture, the sciences, the arts and the universe through our unit of inquire topics. Patterns of learning developed in this stage of childhood produce confident and competent learning in later years.

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