Dalai Lama Helped EstablishTibetan Children’s Villages (TCV) which implements Montessori education.

Woodrow Wilson
President of The U.S.A.Had a Montessori classroom in the basement of the Whitehouse during his term.His daughter trained as a Montessori teacher.
Sigmund Freud
(Psycologist)“If everyone had your schools, they wouldn’t need me!”

Jean Piaget 
He served as Head of the Swiss Montessori Society for many years"Are we forming children who are only capable of learning what is already known?"

Buckminster Fuller 
(American architect, designer, inventor)"There will come a time when the proper education of children, by a glorified system of spontaneous education of choice, similar to the Montessori System, will be made possible."

Yo Yo Ma
(World-renowned Cellist)"Structure is an absolutely important part of the creative life, and Emily [Yo Yo Ma’s daughter] got this from her Montessori experience."

Bill and Hillary Clinton 
Former President and Secretary of StateMontessori parents

Rabindranath Tagore

Thomas Alva Edison"I like the Montessori method....It teaches through play. It makes learning a pleasure. It follows the natural instincts of the human being."

Maya Angelou
Poet, educator, journalist, historian, dancer, best-selling author, actress, playwright, civil rights activist, producer, and director.A Montessori parent

Steve Wozniak
(Co-founder of Apple) 
Talking about independent thinking"Some schools like Montessori schools get around doing better job at that."

Alexander Graham Bell 
(Inventor and founder of The Montessori Education Assoc.)
Provided financial support directly to Dr. Maria Montessori and helped establish the first Montessori class in Canada and one of the first in the United States.

Mahatma Gandhi "It was a matter of inexpressible joy to me that from their childhood the children [in Montessori schools] were brought to understand the virtue of silence..."